Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation Series to work through overwhelming situations

About this Nidra Series

This Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations for when you are Overwhelmed offers a path towards Relief, Resilience and Resolution of overwhelming situations.

They go beyond mere “relaxation”. You get to touch upon the infinite resources and creativity of the deeper layers of your being, and work there.

The advantage of this approach is akin to going to the gym: the inner muscles and resources are being worked on in a systematic, purposeful way. When we encounter situations in the world, we will be better prepared to navigate them, since we have worked on them inside.

Some situations can be completely resolved through meditation by just working on the relationship we have with them. Even though the particulars of any situation may still be there, the emotions surrounding it can be released through Nidra meditation, which leaves us with more resources to address it.

What is Yoga Nidra

A very short introduction

Yoga Nidra is a type of meditation that has its roots in an ancient Tantric practice, which can be traced back to 1000 BC (that’s a 3000 year old technique!). It was refined during the XX century, keeps evolving, and it is the focus of numerous scientific studies, as its benefits and tangible therapeutic results arose the curiosity of the scientific and therapeutic community.

One of the main differences between Yoga Nidra and other types of guided meditations is its systematic, highly methodological approach, in which a series of exercises are performed sequentially, allowing our consciousness to keep drawing ever increasing resources towards the deepest recesses of our beings, where healing and restoration happens in a natural way.

The ultimate goal of Yoga Nidra is enlightenment, although many use it as a very approachable meditation & healing practice, due to its measurable therapeutic benefits, increased well-being, and development of calmness and equanimity.

It is also an ideal technique for those who are not experienced meditators, since it is performed lying down in your bed or mat, with your eyes closed. The only requirements are complete stillness, remaining awake, and following the instructions of the teacher.

If you want to be fascinated by the therapeutic effects and health benefits of Yoga Nidra, you may perform a search on brain scans during Yoga Nidra… 

…Or you can read on and practice with this series of guided meditations. Nothing like first-hand experience!


On Relief & Relaxation

If you are new to Yoga Nidra, or if you do not have a lot of time for practice, I suggest you start with this meditation.

It is common for new meditators to fall asleep as they achieve deep states of relaxation. It is ok to do so, and it is a legitimate part of developing your Nidra skills.

With this meditation you achieve two goals:

1. Get immediate relief and relaxation.

2. Build up your Yoga Nidra skills. That is, remaining conscious while dreaming. It is through this skill that we can go to a place where we can do deep inner work, achieve healing and resolution.


On Resilience & Greater Perspective

When you are able to achieve deep states of relaxation without falling asleep, this meditation will take you through two exercises, designed to work at the layers of the emotional mind and psyche.

The goals of this meditation are also two:

1. To gain resilience by recalling the two opposite sides of any emotional state: overwhelming vs trusting – confidence vs insecurity. As we practice these emotions, we release stuck energy, detach from identifications, and the mind learns that we are greater than any momentary emotional conditioning.

2. Elevate ourselves from our current situation. This is not to avoid or duck our heads in the sand, but to do a “King On The Hill” and look at our lives from a higher perspective: a place of equanimity and peace.

What to expect:

This meditation can be emotionally intense, though very rewarding. As you work through the exercises, allow any emotions and sensations to come to the surface and run their course. Your brain is creating new neuro-pathways and your consciousness is delighted to have a space to release stuck emotions and attachments.

You may experience sudden, involuntary body movements, as well as tingling and vibrations: this is a sign of release of repressed energy and emotional content.

Unlike with other guided meditations, with Yoga Nidra you will achieve permanent changes.


On Resolution

The rubber meets the road in this advanced Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation.

You will go through a very deep relaxation routine that makes your consciousness dis-identify from your day-to-day conditioning and attachments.

Once you reach that state, the meditation invites you to work on a specific situation from your life that is currently causing you to feel overwhelmed.

The exercise will bring you new perspectives, ideas, clarity and will help you reconnect with your true self.

You are meant to work with this meditation often. Ideally, daily during an established period of time.

You will peel the layers of your relationship with this situation, come in touch with new ideas, insights and releases. I encourage you to journal about your insights after each session, as you reach deeper levels of clarity and resolution.

From those insights, new actions and approaches will come.

My wish for you is that, no matter how intense the situation you are facing, you will come in touch with the part of you that is unaffected, clear and resourceful. As you nurture this connection, feelings of being overwhelmed will naturally subside, even if the specifics of your situation still need to be worked through. You will work through them from a very different emotional and spiritual vantage point.

How to approach this process

Create an intention or resolve, which is called “sankalpa” in the context of Yoga Nidra. You will be guided to repeat this sankalpa at the beginning and end of each meditation. The sankalpa acts like a GPS for your mind or like a seed in a fertile garden. It will tune your mind and emotions towards its realization, hence it becomes the most important element of the practice.

    • State it in the present tense, as if it was already true.
    • Make it about you, not about other people, or external events outside your control.
    • Keep it the same until it has been realized, or until you discover a deeper aspect of your initial resolve.
    • I recommend this article as a good starting point for crafting your sankalpa.

Find a time to practice when it is easy for you to achieve a state of relaxation. It is common for the mind to have a tough time unplugging from the day to day duties, so it may be better for you to meditate at the beginning or end of the day.

Use the most relaxing, silent place you can find. Do not cut corners in becoming comfy. Comfort and silence aids in relaxation, and it is relaxation we are after!

Lie down with your legs and arms a comfortable distance apart. Find a position that you can keep during the entire practice with perfect stillness (that is, don’t move a finger). This takes a bit of practice but the payoff is worth it.

I recommend using an eye pillow, or place a t-shirt over your eyes.

It is also very helpful to place a bolster, pillow, or rolled blanket under your knees.

Release expectations and let the experience be what it is. We are cultivating an attitude of surrender and ease.

Yoga Nidra is a skill as well as a practice. The more we practice, the better we get at it, and the more we get out of this process.

I recommend a journal to make notes of insights, progress and ideas.

Finally, try to give it a go for a set period of time. Commit to a number of consecutive days. During this period, you can use any of the three meditations according to your needs and available time. Having said that, most benefits will be gained by working with the intermediate and advanced meditations.

Production notes

The recordings were made at Suryalila Retreat Centre, and later post-produced to clean the sound and enhance the experience.

The recordings use 8D virtual surround technology, as well as binaural beats. For this reason, the use of a good pair of headphones or earbuds is very much encouraged.

I am not a native English speaker, so you may find a few hiccups on the pronunciation and grammar departments. Thank you for your understanding.

Take it with you & bonuses

The meditations are available for free for a limited number of plays, enough to give them a good test drive and decide if you can benefit from working with them for longer periods of time.

When you purchase this Yoga Nidra process, you will get unlimited streaming, downloadable mp3 files, as well as two bonus tracks: the advanced meditation without music, as well as a shorter version of the advanced meditation.

I am confident that working consistently with this Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation For Feeling Overwhelmed Series will make a tangible difference in your life.

Mentoring & Your Own Nidra Growth Series

If you would benefit from working one on one with me, either mentoring you as you progress through these meditations, or crafting a personalized Yoga Nidra Series for your particular situation, challenge or goal, please contact me and we will get to work.

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